Children Museum of St. Johns

Children’s Museum
Grand Opening 2014
Kim MacEwan, Executive Director
P.O. Box 209
St. Augustine FL 32085


The Mission and Vision of the Children’s Museum of St. Johns is to offer interactive experiences for children and families which inspire creativity and a lifelong love of learning and to create a place for discovery and imagination, sparking a passion for innovation and creativity.



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The Children’s Museum of St. Johns is a place where children and teens will enjoy their lifelong exploration of an ever-expanding world. The Children’s’ Museum will strive to:

  • Respect the sense of play in children and adults.
  • Encourages cooperative and inter-generational play.
  • Affirm diversity and an appreciation of differences.
  • Bring children and families together to encounter new ideas and learning.
  • Teach the rich heritage of our State and City.
  • Bring nature and respect of our environment into the lives of our visitors.
  • Create a place for educators to enhance and expand learning opportunities for students.


The research and concept development behind the Children’s Museum has been ongoing and extensive since 2007 when the Children’s Museum was founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

The new Children’s Museum will be located in downtown St. Augustine Florida. Our goal is to open Phase 1 in late 2014 and Phase 2 Fall of 2015 to coincide with St. Augustine’s 450th Commemoration. When complete the museum will provide more than 35,000 square feet of exhibit, program and facility space for the Children's Museum. The vision for the new facility includes a green rooftop which will serve as an educational tool.

The Children’s Museum estimates will serve more than 75,000 children, families, caregivers and educators annually through its exhibition and education programs. The vision also includes community learning opportunities in the evening hours.